Workplace Wellness Tools & Resources

To help you implement a sucessful workplace wellness program in your workplace, please see below for some tools and resources.

 Wellness at Heart Toolkit    Workplace Wellness Implementation Guide   



Wellness at Heart Toolkit


Through a joint initiative by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick, the Government of New Brunswick's Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport and the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick, this toolkit was launched to help businesses implement a comprehensive workplace wellness program in their workplace.

The benefits of having a comprehensive workplace wellness program are infinite. Engaging employees in workplace wellness has been shown to decrease employee's health insurance costs, decrease absenteeism, and improve employee performance and productivity.

The Wellness at Heart Toolkit is for all workplaces, large and small, public or private and was created to give the necessary tools to help workplaces plan, implement and evaluate their comprehensive workplace wellness programs.

A comprehensive workplace wellness program is one that responds to the needs of the organization and offers programs in all four areas of wellness; healthy eating, physical activity, psychological wellness and tobacco-free living. This toolkit is designed to help your workplace determine its workplace wellness needs, set an action plan and evaluate the outcomes.





 Workplace Wellness Implementation Guide


This implementation guide was created by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick, and JD Irving Ltd. The New Brunswick Business Council will be using this toolkit in its program to promote healthier and more productive workplaces to help New Brunswick businesses of all sizes in introducing and improving workkplace wellness programs.




 Click here for the Implementation Guide